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Cha Cha Changes... The ever moving target of Search Engine Optimization. First it was Keywords, Title and Description, then back links and content, now Social Media. Successfully manage your efforts for what is currently important...

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Search Engine Optimization Tools & Reports

Each step you take is designed to move your website to the front page of the Search Engine Result Page. Your Online Dashboard provides at a glance details, the available reports and graphs provide detailed information...

Visually track your SEO efforts through standard reports, i.e. traffic by keyword, external links, by source; or design your own custom reports covering the activity for the year, month, current week...

Flexibility is built into the reporting module for ease of use and for obtaining key information quickly.

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Identify & Target High Value Keywords

  • How do you identify high value keywords
  • Which Keywords are being used most often now for Search Engine, Search Results
  • How do each of your website pages preform on targeted keywords
  • Which of your Keywords are the most popular, with the least amount of competition?

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Unlock Your Website's Ranking Potential

Following the simple suggestions and moving through each well defined step, you unlock your website's Search Engine Optimization potential by focusing on current trends and necessary web page adjustments.